About Raising Smarter Kids

Dona Matthews & Joanne Foster

The Raising Smarter Kids blog can now be found at: http://beyondintelligenceblog.wordpress.com/


Dona Matthews, PhD, and Joanne Foster, EdD, authors of the award-winning Being Smart about Gifted Education, and several other titles, are experts on gifted development and education. Their work focuses on children who love to learn, and those who don’t. They provide information and resources for parents and educators who want to provide the necessary supports in the learning process– guidance, challenge, and encouragement.

Their individual blogs:

Dona Matthews:   http://donamatthews.wordpress.com/

Joanne Foster:   http://jffoster.wordpress.com/

For more, go to http://www.beyondintelligence.net a website for parents who are interested in raising smarter kids, and teachers who want to do their best to support high-level development in all children


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